Girls Advocating Leadership & Strength​​

In  November of 2015, Sheryl Chen and Lily Zhang founded the GALS
Organization to support female leadership positions in business and government. As two future businesswomen, exploring their own potential careers, they have learned that there are major disparities among women in executive roles and want to do their part in bridging this gap.
Meet the founders

Sheryl Chen

Lily Zhang

Lily is the co-founder of Girls Advocating Leadership & Strength and an undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley. 
 Sheryl is the co-founder of Girls Advocating Leadership & Strength (GALS) and a current junior at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania concentrating in Strategic Management and Operations, Informations, and Decisions with a minor in Russian. Her concentration in Management is all about understanding ways we can create value to impact others and the ways in which employees can impact organizations. She is passionate about social impact, diversity & inclusion, and innovation and believe that businesses with a positive mission will thrive in the long run. Previously, she has worked in the non-profit, media & entertainment, and investment banking industries. Through and through, she is a problem-solver always looking for the next challenge.
GALS Board of Directors 
  1. Sheryl Chen
  2. Lily Zhang
  3. Joseph Manzo
    Schools Engagements Advisor
  4. Aileen Gemma Smith
    Mentor; CEO at Vizalytics Technology
  5. Alissa Plotkin
  6. Victoria Wong
  7. Kelly Yu